Darren MacPherson

Title: Catapult
	Size: 60 x 60cm
	Medium: Painting, Acrylic and Spray Paint

"The NHS is such a central and pivotal focal point for the whole of our society, its staff and services have been overlooked in favour of big business for so long, and now, in this time of crisis we see the true value of the NHS and all its wonderful workers being acknowledged and embraced by Government, business and individuals across the country. It's difficult to believe that these women and men are putting themselves on the line...the frontline...for all our health and wellbeing; I say this as me and my family have been in self-isolation for almost four weeks. Thank you NHS, for all that you do, I hope my small contribution can make some difference somewhere".

Darren MacPherson’s paintings make use of strong and bold colour, shape and mood. Working with acrylic and spray paint gives MacPherson’s art the sense of immediacy and impact that comes with graffiti. His paintings are a postmodern mash-up of street art, cartoons, and the inversion of iconic cultural branding.
His work recalls personal territories that range from his city environment to his family history. Indian, Japanese and urban influences are prominent, along with intricate tattoo like motifs. Loose brushwork and layering inform his constant hunt for the perfect expression of a character

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