Hayden Kays

  • Title: Sending A Little Love
  • Size: 29.7 x 42.0cm,
  • Medium: Mixed Media, Watercolour, Ink, Pen 


"I send my deepest heartfelt thanks to everyone that is part of the NHS. They saw me into the world, they've helped me countless times along the way and I hope they'll see me out ok. My thoughts are with everyone who is affected by this so “I m Sending a Little Love”

Hayden Kays 


With a practice that encompasses painting, sculpture and printmaking, Hayden Kays has been widely acclaimed as one of the most vital and provocative artists of his generation, producing work that both celebrates and critiques the all-pervasive ‘culture industry’. Kays’s work is characterised by bold imagery, acerbic wordplay, accomplished craftsmanship and deadpan humour. His witty appropriations of everyday references both respond to and subvert the canons set out by 1950s Pop Art and the YBAs of the 1990s.



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