Joseph Loughborough

Title: "Bill"l From the barstool philosophers series. 
Size: 50/50cm  -
Medium: Charcoal, Pastel and oil bar on paper.

"As someone who has lived overseas for many years without the security of a free public health system, I have deeply appreciated it with my return to the UK. Its one of those things you take for granted until it's not there. Saving lives during this current crisis will push the service to its limits and we need to show all the support we can. And afterward, I hope we all can truly appreciate the NHS and its workers for the commitment they put into keeping us on our feet".
Honesty, expressionism and catharsis can be read from Loughborough’s impulsive and intuitive mark-making, which strives to grasp a comprehension of the human condition.
Drawing inspiration from various themes concerned with Camus/Kierkegaard's notion of ‘Absurdity’, each drawing becomes a decadent theatre of emotion, sexuality and movement. Lonely human forms seem to struggle and ponder the sporadically lit space they occupy without reaching the point of a dramatic emotional encounter. Couples and groups of people cling together searching for an antidote to the revelations of their existence.

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