Joshua Benmore

Title: A Message From The Future’
Size: 29.7 W x 42 H x 0.3 cm
Medium: Limited edition Giclee Print  

"This piece was inspired by the state of the current world with what is going on with politics, climate change as well as mental health. More recently it seems appropriate to share amongst the global pandemic of COVID-19.  ‘A Message From The Future’ reads “WE’RE GOING TO BE OKAY.”. This aims to give hope that however bad things may currently seem, your future self will get through and find a resolution. Looking at the piece is a moment to remember that. I feel this piece enables viewers a moment of calmness and self-reflection to think over their current worries or feelings and to feel comforted in the sense that life always has a way to lead you back onto your journey in a positive light. This is a great cause and I want to help by donating this piece".
Joshua Benmore is a visual creator specialising in pop inflicted fine art paintings and new media art pieces.
Amongst his work you will find a collection of Mickey Mouse-eared, flower-infused, space-age, lunar love Goddesses alongside Neon Puppy Christ, desert wanderers and bubblegum boys. He often juxtaposes and subverts using humour and emotion. Themes include the state of the world politics religion and consumerism whilst referencing popular iconography and symbols.

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