Kate Garner

Title: “Hear No Speak No See No” 
Size:   Small 30.5 x 28cm (Ed of 15 S/N)
Medium:  Giclee Print Photograph with Diamond Dust.

We were in Praed Street Hotel in Paddington, London. Very uninteresting visually..... apart from the gorgeous 1920's all marble bathrooms.

I had toys with me from a shoot the day before. I asked her if we could shoot one film in the bathroom exactly as she was, holding a teddy bear. I shot her from underneath to give her stature and power which contrasted wonderfully with the mixture of childlike innocence and burgeoning sensuality that Kate exuded at this point. I shot one film. I liked it better than all the other shots of the day when she was dressed as a 'fashion model'.

The irony of this shoot is that the magazine didn't publish it, stating that Kate was not going to make it as a model. They ate their words and kindly Kate allowed me to shoot her again for the same magazine a year later.

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