• Title: Nine Blue Souls 
  • Print image  12”x 12 “
  • Edition: 1 of 1 

Signed with authentication sticker on reverse  


"Why I wanted to get involved in this project. 

It is very simple really because so many of us have been affected by the corona outbreak, and for some out there, this has had a huge impact on their life. 

There are already so many vulnerable people in the U.K.  with housing and mental health issues that this virus is going to affect there life’s in so many ways. 

If I can help in any kind of way, to help raise funds for those that are less fortunate then me, then I hope this print can raise a few pounds, and help those that deserve a helping hand at this difficult time"

Nick aka KillJoy


Nick Stroud aka KillJoy. After turning down a place at goldsmiths college in London, back in the 1980’s, and instead joined an interior design company that specialised in furniture making and decorative finishes. That experience in creative workmanship, with his already inate desire to be an artist has been a key factor in the artwork that Nick Stroud produces today.


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