Lee du Plooy

  • Title: FEAR DEFEATS REASON" 2019 
  • Size: 25 x 20cm 
  • Medium: Mixed media, Original painting on paper.


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"We ask much of the NHS but give little in return, now is the time to salute all the brave souls who work so tirelessly for us, the time to appreciate their efforts are now".



Lee du Ploy is both an artist and a complementary medical practitioner. He has exhibited his paintings since the early 1970s. His most recent book "The Glass facade" is written to record his journey of treating people with psychological problems. As he said “Whereas psychology is my passion, art is my life. They are in essence the same journey.” He now has a studio in Hong Kong and paints full time concentrating on portraits as a research programme of creating new insight into the human mind and behaviour.


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