Lee Ellis

  • Title: Fighting Florals with Florals       
  • Size: 42 x 59.4cm 
  • Medium: Lino Cut, Acrylic paint         


"I never really appreciated the NHS until I used it. For years I took it for granted, knowing it’s always there if I needed it, but didn’t give it a second thought. I imagine this is the same for so many. There have been several occasions over the last few years that have made me appreciate the work everyone at the NHS does. That’s not just doctors and nurses, but EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON. When my Gran needed cancer treatment, they were there. My sister needed brain surgery, they were. For the births of my two sons, they were there. And they have always been brilliant. They deserve every help and praise available. This current crisis is proving this. If in any way the creative community that I am so proud to be apart of can help then let's get on with it. We are so lucky to have the NHS and now is a great time to show our appreciation”




Lee Ellis is a British multi-media artist based in Bristol. His insatiable desire to create brings him to embrace different artistic mediums, from printmaking to drawing and painting. The artist has an expressive and bold style, immediately striking with his unusual juxtaposition of bright colours and dark subjects. Lee’s paintings, in particular, convey emotional and visceral angst within his figures. From humans to animals, the artist never fails to depict the inner turmoil of his characters. He achieves this effect by employing heavy, raw and expressive brushstrokes that make his painting style poignant and immediately affecting.



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