Lucie Flynn

  • Title: Blue Mood’ Yin Cow
  • Size: 40 x 50 cm
  • Medium: W/P Limited Edition signed and numbered Giclee Print  

Acrylic and Spray Paint hand embellishments   


"I am donating this picture to help the NHS as the individuals who work under this banner give without end and are guardian angels in my eyes - always willing to give more of their time and hearts to those in need of extra care". 



Lucie Flynn uses combinations of spray paint, acrylics, and ink to build her lyrical 

 compositions. Employing a bright, sometimes clashing palette with bold sweeps and 

 splatters, her paintings are layered investigations of chance, colour and form - 

 layers pulse and crackle on the canvas surface, while washes transform sections, 

 creating unusual areas of fluidity. 


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