Michael Olsen

Title: Butterfly Art Print
 (you can choose any letter of the alphabet)
Size: 20 x 25cm
Medium: Giclee Art Print

"In donating one of my recent works to this worthwhile charity, I wanted to do my bit to support all the UK health workers helping to treat our nation. ‘I’ is the 1st letter in the word inspiring which describes exactly the selfless contribution they make. It’s also the 1st letter in the word ISOLATION and that’s where we all need to be in order to keep the devastating effects of the virus to an absolute minimum". 
I enjoy the simple, beautiful things that life has to offer – family, love, the outdoors (cycling through it), music (better heard through a needle) and time spent happily with others as well as alone – all of which inspire me to try to create things to enhance the enjoyment of life.
I’ve always been fascinated by nature and in particular butterflies. To me, there is something captivating about that moment when a butterfly stops to allow an onlooker to admire its form.

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