Nigel Stefani

Title: Man Listening
Size: 30 x 42cm
Medium: Hand drawn with Pencil,
"Regarding why the NHS is important to me personally: Being brought up by a Doctor and head Maternity Ward Nurse, with a combined total of 78 years in this wonderful institution, I guess through osmosis I have had the benefits of the NHS within me from an early age. 
Apart from the first-hand experience of seeing my two wonderful parents enact countless moments of otherworldly kindness and compassion to patients, it also was something that gave back - it was the skill of a huge number of specialists, carers, and nurses that saved my mother from Cancer a little over a year ago. And I will be forever grateful. 
To conclude: It is pure, it is unique, it is decent and it is perhaps, the only thing that we all are in agreement with The NHS is simply, irreplaceable". 
Nigel Stefani draws personalities: - be it a person, an animal, everything has a voice.
The process always begins with a conversation and the subject's answers are When layered into the image itself, to portray a physical representation of the personality.- the inside out on the open. Nigel has exhibited in London, Melbourne and New York.

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