• Title: “Waiting in blue”
  • Size: 85 x 59cm
  • Medium: mixed media artwork (ink, acrylics, charcoal, and pastel on heavy Arches paper,

Executed from life,


"From day one my thoughts and prayers have been with the key workers, Nhs and all people on the frontline who are battling this invisible enemy while the majority of us can only observe while isolating from the comfort of our homes. For this reason, I believe that it just makes so much sense to step in, no matter how, and do whatever possible in our hands to alleviate the discomfort of families directly and indirectly affected. I as an artist am donating a couple of my pieces, with the hope that through the generosity of you art lovers we will raise as much funds as possible for the National Emergencies Trust".



I am a realist painter and I use portraiture and self-portraiture to explore and analyse myself and the world around me. Taking inspiration from personal memories along with observations from real life and imagination, I recreate stories and scenes which explore and address the vulnerability and strength of the human condition.

My pictorial language is metaphorical and subtly ironic. Themes addressed revolve around femininity, gender, sexuality, motherhood as well as ethical and political issues. They are carried out by predominantly female characters who enact a ‘persona’ or stereotype that resonate with the viewers at various levels of the subconscious mind.


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