William John Kennedy

Title: Warhol Flowers
Size: 60 x 40cm
Medium: Photograph, Chromogenic Print

  Donated by Neil Bookatz 

      American photographer, William John Kennedy documented his friend Andy Warhol in the early 60s, at the crucial moment when the iconic artist’s career was just launching, and this rare image is just one from of the most important collections of pictures of the artist in the early days of the pop art movement.  

     "The true power of the images comes from Kennedy's ability to capture, in an authentic way, both Andy as a private person and a very public artist," said Eric Shiner, director of the Andy Warhol Museum. "Andy intentionally created a mask with his deadpan blankness, wig, and sunglasses. Kennedy's insight was to reveal Andy by embedding Warhol in Warhol artworks. Kennedy has given us some of the most joyous images of Andy Warhol every created.

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